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Tunnel Ventilation Monitoring

Over the years, the operating costs of mining operations have increased significantly. A significant factor in that increase is the continuous rising rate for electrical power which is, for the most part, used for ventilation.  With electrical power currently representing 35-50% of an underground mine’s operating cost, that percentage can easily total as much as $20-30 million in bottom line costs per year.


With mines all over the world needing to be more cost effective, the Conspec Ventilation Management Systems [VMS] is a simple, economical method to solving the challenge of reducing operating costs by directly targeting ventilation costs in a convenient, tangible sequence.


The essential principle of the Conspec Ventilation Management System is to supply ventilation only to those locations where fresh ventilation is actually required on an on-demand basis through real-time atmospheric monitoring, personnel and vehicle tracking, and synchronization of a mine’s primary and secondary ventilation systems through an integrated Conspec Senturion Atmospheric Monitoring and SCADA Central Station.


Using real-time data from the Conspec internationally-certified Smart Head Controllers and Sensors deployed on an underground mining operation’s existing MODBUS data communications backbone (either Ethernet, Newtrax MineHop Wireless, RS-485, RS-232, Leaky Feeder Data Channel or Conspec Trunk), the Conspec VMS makes sure the mine’s air quality remains within optimal parameters while ensuring maximum safety and productivity of your operation’s workforce.


Real-time monitoring of all the components and electrical consumption of a mine’s primary and secondary ventilation systems is easily integrated using the Conspec Multi-Function I/O Controllers. These are connected to a mine operation’s fans, louvers and ventilation doors, ensuring top productivity and efficiency at all times. This continuous operational monitoring also helps to maintain planned maintenance cycles.


The Conspec Personnel and Vehicle Tracking System, or an OPC connection to a third-party tracking solution such as Newtrax’s ‘MineTrax’ personnel and mobile equipment tracking system, can be easily integrated into the Conspec VMS. This ensures priority fresh ventilation is targeted to the needs of workers and equipment based on their active working positions in an underground operation.


Full integration of the system into the Conspec Senturion SCADA Central Station at a mine operation’s main control center ensures synchronization of components with the Conspec VMS. This is achieved through easily scripted parameters, defined by the mining operation’s ventilation engineers and/or through OPC connection to third-party Ventilation Modelling and Control Software.


All components of the Conspec VMS can easily be integrated into a custom DIY [do-it-yourself] Ventilation Management Solution for an underground mining operation with third-party software and hardware products. All while using industry standard MODBUS data communications and OPC Open Platform Communications for process control which provides a low-cost, custom-tailored solution for any mining operation using the existing infrastructure and equipment if desired.



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