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Intrinsically Safe Atmospheric Monitoring Systems

The toughest job on earth deserves the toughest atmospheric monitoring system on earth. For over 45 years, Intrinsically Safe Atmospheric Monitoring Systems from Conspec have been entrusted by the world’s most productive coal mines for the safety of their employees, equipment and property.


Conspec solutions have been deployed in over 150 underground coal operations worldwide, ranging from the largest longwall operations, to the most complex room and pillar operations, to systems custom engineered to provide cost-effective and reliable monitoring for even some of the smallest operators.


As each operation brings unique challenges, our individualized approach to systems integration uses a variety of reliable, intrinsically safe, internationally-certified sensing technologies for gas and atmospheric conditions of toxic and combustible gases, dust, smoke, temperature (dry and wet bulb), humidity, barometric pressure and air velocity/air flow.


The Conspec remote sensors are powered by the world’s most reliable intrinsically safe (Ex ia 1) power supplies and network communications devices to ensure timely and accurate data communications. This is especially critical during events when the operation of a coal mine’s atmospheric monitoring system provides valuable information to safeguard the mine employees, equipment, property and operations.


To remotely monitor the entire Mine Wide Atmospheric Monitoring System, the Conspec Senturion SCADA Central Stations are relied upon the world over to provide easy-to-use monitoring and control of even the most complex mining plant during the most dangerous events, thereby providing maximum safety and protection of the staff, the mine’s assets and its on-going operations.




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