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Hard Rock Mining

Underground ore extraction of gold, zinc, copper, silver, nickel and uranium is a harsh, difficult and dangerous business.


In this environment in which safety and productivity must co-exist, mine operators need a trusted source to help provide for the safety of their employees, equipment, and property while maximizing their operation’s yield efficiently and economically.


Since 1968, Conspec Controls has built its reputation as a leading designer and manufacturer of environmental and atmospheric monitoring, process control and safety equipment for mines throughout the world.


Whether its Conspec wired and wireless remote gas detectors, differentiating air flow monitors; remote post blast re-entry air quality verification, and DIY (do it yourself) ventilation management/control systems, hard rock mining operations can choose in house self-installation and management deploying equipment on a per heading (if needed) basis ensuring reduced fan energy consumption low costs and maximum production efficiency.


Ventilation Management Systems for Hard Rock Mining

Post Blast Re-Entry for Hard Rock Mining