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Post Blast Re-Entry

Post blast re-entry times have been identified as both a productivity bottleneck and potential health and safety hazard in underground mining environments. Although some measure of productivity and safety increases occur currently by blasting at the end of shift, there are still significant productivity, health and safety concerns not addressed by these current post-blast standard operational procedures.


The effective solution is the implementation of the Conspec real-time atmospheric monitoring and SCADA system during and post blast. When these are implemented, mine operators can be confident in ensuring a safer workplace while reducing miner post-blast re-entry downtime, all resulting in more meters drilled, ore moved and ultimately targets achieved.


By strategically deploying the Conspec Smart Head Controllers and Atmospheric Sensors throughout the mine levels, mine managers in real-time can remotely monitor all atmospheric conditions underground from the surface – and in so doing eliminating the need for valuable personnel to venture underground into potentially unknown hazardous situation and allowing them time to focus on other aspects of the mining value chain.


When deploying Conspec equipment with the Senturion SCADA Central Station or a third party SCADA on a mine’s existing data communications infrastructure, the monitoring of toxic and explosive gases, air velocity, dust, temperature, barometric pressure and humidity becomes automated. The live management of mine-wide atmospheric condition results in safety going up, and wasted time going down.


Further cost savings can be achieved by using the Conspec Senturion SCADA Central Station and Multi-Function I/O Controllers to remotely monitor all underground fans. This ensures the underground fans are operating at maximum efficiency post-blast, thereby expediting the removal of contaminants from the mine’s atmosphere while alerting surface personnel of potential problems which may lead to immediate or pending maintenance of the ventilation system and therefore avoiding unplanned production stoppage.


Based on over 45 years of experience developing monitoring and control equipment for underground mines, Conspec houses post blast monitoring equipment in rugged NEMA 4x/IP68 enclosures, greatly reducing maintenance. By helping to safeguard the equipment, and the mining operation’s investment, from everything from fly-rock during the blast, to water from subsequent muck pile wash down and the mucking trucks during load out.



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