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Industry Mineral Mining

In many industrial mineral mines the total volume of the underground mine is huge, even larger than a small city. With ever increasing energy costs and the need to meet or exceed air quality standards which protect workers and satisfy health and safety regulations, the large area of an industrial mineral mine poses specific challenges to the economical operation of today’s industrial mineral mines.


For almost 50 years, Conspec Controls has built its reputation as a leading designer and manufacturer of environmental and atmospheric monitoring, process control and safety equipment for mining worldwide.


Whether its Conspec wired and wireless remote gas detectors, differentiating air flow monitors; remote post blast re-entry air quality verification, and DIY (do it yourself) ventilation management/control systems, industrial mining operators can trust Conspec for the best in manufacturing, integration, customer service, support, and training.


Ventilation Management Systems for Industry Mineral Mining

Post Blast Re-Entry for Industry Mineral Mining