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The construction and maintenance of underground tunnels, shafts, chambers and passageways are fraught with dangers. With reduced light conditions, difficult or limited access or egress, with the hazards of fire and explosion and the potential for exposure to air contaminants, it is essential to protect the construction workers and users of these essential projects. The size and complexity of many of these projects, along with the risks and variables that are unique to each tunneling system, can put even the best engineered environmental monitoring and communications solutions to the test.


With its strategic partners, Conspec Controls has collaborated to ensure essential safety monitoring and communications systems designed and built to the specifications of each customer’s individual requirements. By combining the communications expertise of strategic partners Comtrol, Tunnel Radio Systems, Indus-comm and Newtrax, with the atmospheric monitoring and process control expertise of Conspec and Meglab and the ground motion monitoring expertise of MDT and MDEng, unique solutions are tailored specifically to the rigors of each individual tunneling system to ensure the maximum of safety from inception through the entire life span of a tunnel system.


Atmospheric Monitoring and Ventilation Management for Tunneling Operations