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Conspec Senturion Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition Systems for Mining

Conspec Senturion SCADA Systems is a state-of-the-art supervisory command center specifically designed to fulfill the needs of mining operations; through sophisticated management of the overall mine, Senturion has the ability to gain maximum efficiency in all areas of the mine’s operation.


Increased Production

Professional managers of today’s modern mines know that minimizing downtime maximizes production. The Conspec Senturion continuously monitors equipment while ‘user customized’ mine automation routines have the ability to integrate an entire mine into one cohesive operating unit in order to quickly identify and react automatically to changing operating conditions.


Improved Safety

Continuous mine-wide underground atmospheric monitoring provides improved safety, ensuring an added layer of protection for the mine’s workforce. Among the many benefits are maximizing productivity and early fire detection, protecting both miners and mining operation’s investment.


Lowered Costs

Continuous equipment monitoring and analysis by the Conspec Senturion allows for quick problem identification and immediate implementation of solutions by pre-directed service personnel. The Senturion automatic and continuous environmental monitoring minimizes ventilation costs and reduces mine workforce re-entry time post blast. As well, the Conspec Senturion also implements strategies to better utilize electricity usage, thus providing quantifiable savings on utility bills during “peak loading.”


Improved Management Information

The Conspec Senturion provides historical statistical analysis of production problem areas. Real-time information of all connected mining operations allows high-value mine personnel to focus their problem-solving skills thereby maximizing their decision-making ability by keeping all relevant personnel fully informed on all aspects of the operation.


This problem identifying feature of Senturion allows a mining operation to maintain the highest production levels while increasing overall workplace safety and protecting the mining company and stakeholder’s investment.


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