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Atmospheric Monitoring and Process Control Solutions that Ensure Safety and Productivity


Conspec is an industry leader in innovative and cost-effective solutions which ensure safe air quality while maximizing a mining and tunneling operations’ performance, production and profits. For almost 50 years, Conspec has brought comprehensive safety and maximum productivity together in hard rock, coal, and industrial mineral mines and tunneling operations throughout the world.


Conspec continues to be on the leading edge in the design, development and manufacturing of environmental and atmospheric monitoring, process control and safety. Conspec ventilation, gas and vapor detection equipment, systems, monitoring and controls consistently provide the best protection available for personnel, property and equipment.


As an integrated designer and manufacturer of software systems, field sensing devices and technology, communications technologies and equipment and systems controllers, Conspec surpasses expectations and overcomes the challenges of today’s complex mining and tunneling operations, both underground and above ground. Conspec environmental and condition monitors, field and area control equipment, tracking systems, communications solutions, and PLC/SCADA software systems are designed, built and tested to thrive in the harshest of conditions and environments.


Employing the strictest testing procedures and protocols in the design and manufacturing processes – independently verified and certified by quality management systems and procedures – Conspec delivers the best in manufacturing, integration, customer service, support, and training worldwide.