Intrinsically Safe AMS

IECEx/ATEX Intrinsically Safe Atmospheric Monitoring Systems

For over 50 years, Conspec has delivered maximum level protection for coal mines personnel, property, and profit by providing the toughest and most reliable atmospheric monitoring system worldwide.

Conspec's next generation of monitoring system; The Intrinsically Safe Atmospheric Monitoring Systems, have been designed specifically for coal mines by our ISO 9001:2015 certified design team. This monitoring system meets all IECEx/ATEX GB 60079ia intrinsically safe requirements for methane environments and extends the available current and power in order to deliver the maximum of sensor coverage underground. This will double the available monitoring stations with more than four times the sensors compared to other intrinsically safe atmospheric monitoring system providers on an equivalent network.

Conspec's Optio IS monitors integrate the latest processor and sensing technologies to provide ultra-low power consumption while delivering the fastest speed for monitoring of Toxic and Combustible Gases, Air Velocity, Wet and Dry Bulb Temperature, Humidity and Barometric Pressure, to allow a mine greater and more precise coverage using the same power and current available in our previous generation of Atmospheric Monitoring Systems.

Utilizing Conspec's next generation Optio IS Diesel Discriminator and Hydrogen Compensated Carbon Monoxide Monitors, coal mining operations can be assured a reduced number of false alarms due to the presence of operating Diesel Equipment and in Battery Charging Areas.

Conspec's next generation Optio 900Mhz Battery Powered Monitors allow for the expansion of the atmospheric monitoring network to difficult areas, and allow monitoring gases during the collapse of a room and pillar mine that cannot normally be reached by traditional wired gas monitors with up to 1 year of battery power even for combustible sensors.

Conspec's updated P5000 Series of Intrinsically Safe Substation Controllers and Trunk Extenders along Conspec's P1209 Intrinsically Safe Cable Network allow for greater reliability in power delivery and data communications when compared to previous generations of atmospheric monitoring systems. This new generation of monitoring systems allows more than 4 hours of intrinsically safe battery backup to continue operating the Atmospheric Monitoring System when needed most.

Through integration of the entire system with Conspec's Senturion Mine-Wide SCADA software, mine managers can be assured of the most reliable protection of their personnel and property, with minimum alarms. Conspec is proud to deliver reliable alarming and shut-down verification of a mine's entire underground AC network in the event of an emergency, minimizing damage to mine infrastructure, allowing escape of mine personnel, and supporting any required rescue operations.

That's why coal mines around the world choose Conspec's Intrinsically Safe Monitoring Solutions for maximum protection of their personnel, property, and profits. Shouldn't you?

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