Mine-Wide Ventilation Monitoring

Mine-Wide Ventilation Monitoring Solutions for Underground Mines

Due to the increase in energy costs along with mounting government pressure to adopt more renewable sources of energy, it is necessary for underground mining operations to adopt more efficient solutions for the management of their ventilation network. For over 50 years, Conspec has pioneered the delivery of reliable and cost-effective atmospheric monitoring and ventilation management solutions for underground mines.

Conspec developed the Mine-Wide Atmospheric Monitoring and Ventilation Management System in collaboration with CANMET, NIOSH, Carnegie Mellon University and the Michigan Institute of Technology. Through a solid, easy-to-program process control system such as Conspec's Senturion Mine-Wide SCADA, and the deployment reliable atmospheric monitors and local control devices, such as Conspec's Optio AQS and Optio Wireless Atmospheric Monitors, and Optio I/O Fan Controllers, it is proven that Ventilation Managers can achieve between 20-50% of ventilation cost savings without the need for costly "Ventilation on Demand" solutions.

Conspec's Mine-Wide Atmospheric Monitoring and Ventilation Management System is a cost-effective option due to the flexibility of being able to deploy the system using a mine's existing Ethernet, POE, LTE, Wi-Fi and VHF/UHF Leaky Feeder Data Communications Infrastructure using its open architecture MODBUS RTU communications protocol. This provides Mine Managers the greatest flexibility in installation options and system configurations for maximum coverage of their underground operations and ventilation system.

Conspec's Senturion SCADA fully integrates into VentSim Control, while its historical data trending capabilities and easy VBScript programming offers Ventilation Managers the data and tools required to provide constant improvement to their ventilation management system. This safely reduces operational costs while continuously improving available air flow where their operation needs it most - at the working face.

Conspec's ISO 9001:2015 certified design team along with Conspec's ISO 9001:2015, IEC 80079 and ATEX Directive 94/9/EC certified manufacturing, customer support, service and training quality systems deliver the best in performance and reliability in all the products and systems. Conspec produces the highest standard of quality in customer service, support, and training for the best protection of your personnel, property and profits.

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