For over 50 years, Conspec has pioneered the design, development, and manufacturing of environmental and atmospheric monitoring, process control, and safety technology relied upon by mining, industrial, oil & gas, and commercial operations all over the world.

With our decades of collaboration with industry leading operations, government research institutes/universities, diverse technology/corporate partnerships, we are able to provide the best protection available for your personnel, property, and equipment.

Unlike most manufacturers of gas monitoring equipment, Conspec products and systems come from our long history of providing fully integrated process control solutions for atmospheric monitoring and ventilation management systems for the underground mining and power generation industries. our exacting ISO 9001:2015 certified quality assurance system for design and development not only rigorously tested as a stand alone device, but also as a mission critical component for any integrated process controls system to provide long lasting performance for life safety.

In addition, our manufacturing and service processes exceed those of typical manufacturers, having been certified not only to the ISO 9001:2015 standard, but also to the IEC 80079 and ATEX Directive 94/9/EC standards for manufacturers of devices for hazardous environment. This ensures the best in both performance and safety in all the products we produce, and the highest standards of quality in customer service, support and training.

Our product lines range from simple single gas remote transmitters, such as our CN/CX Series, to more complex multi-sensor devices, such as our Optio Series. Our Primus/PLC based solutions for area monitoring/control and Senturion SCADA software allow us to fully integrate all operations of an industrial plant.

Regardless of whether a stand-alone remote monitoring device is required for integration into an existing control system, or a fully integrated process solution is required for the operation of a power generation, oil/gas, food, pharmaceutical, chemical/mineral processing, waste water treatment or other industrial plant application, all of Conspec?s devices and systems have been designed to be user-friendly, easy to install, maintain and operate, while providing the best in performance, safety and durability for the long life demanded by the modern industrial plant.

At Conspec, we take the protection of your personnel and investments very seriously. That is why organizations as diverse as Intel, Praxair, Lafarge, Boeing, NIOSH, First Energy, US Steel, The Disney Corporation, Raytheon, American Electric Power, NASA, Dow Chemical, along with countless others have come to rely upon Conspec?s products and solutions for the best protection of their personnel, plant and profits.

Key Applications


  • Conspec Controls offers systems for the mitigation of fire situations in coal handling and storage applications. These systems can operate independently, or tie into existing plant systems
  • CO gas detection is utilized to indicate a change in CO levels, helping with the identification of potential hot spots and fire situations
  • Conspec heat detection equipment can also be utilized for monitoring coal supply
  • Signaling devices are available for notifying plant personnel of hazardous situations


  • The Food/Beverages industries have multiple stages that require gas monitoring. From the refrigeration stations, ripening chambers, breweries, fermenting cellars and bottling facilities, all areas will require some form of gas monitoring
  • Gases such as Carbon Dioxide, Carbon Monoxide, Ammonia and general Volatile Organic Compounds can all cause major health issues to workers
  • Conspec?s Optio Series monitors can be used to detect all these gases and generate alarms or various controls events such as increasing ventilation


  • Hazardous gases can be detrimental to the pharmaceutical process. Ensuring a clean, safe working environment is critical, not only for the manufacturing of pharmaceuticals, but also for the research and development laboratories
  • Gases such as Carbon Dioxide and Combustibles are problematic for the health and well being of the employees but ensuring correct Oxygen and Nitrogen levels in the air can be critical to the manufacturing of the products
  • Conspec?s Optio Series Monitors can allow multiple gases to be measured from a single point, and locally alarm and control other events


  • Conspec offers gas detection and signaling devices suitable for use in plants concerned with off gases produced from wastewater operations
  • Common gas monitors for this environment include H2S, CH4, and O2 detection. The gas monitors can be tied directly to a plant system via relays, 4-20mA output, or Modbus communications. A controller can also be provided for an additional location to monitor the state of all gas monitors in the system, used as a stand-alone system, or tied into the plant system via an Ethernet or fiber connection
  • General purpose industrial and or hazardous location signaling devices are available for indication of a hazardous condition for notification to plant personnel

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