The toughest job on earth deserves the toughest atmospheric monitoring on earth: Conspec's Senturion AMS featuring Conspec's Optio G & Optio IS Monitors.

Conspec's atmospheric monitoring systems have been entrusted by the world's most productive coal mines for the safety of their personnel, property and profits. Our solutions have been deployed in underground coal operations worldwide, ranging from the most complex multi-face longwall operations to the largest room & pillar operations, to systems custom engineered to provide cost-effective and reliable mine wide monitoring for even some of the smallest operators.

With over 50 years of collaboration with industry leading underground coal mining operations, government/industry research institutes, diverse technology partnerships and our exacting ISO 9001:2015 certified quality assurance system for design and developments, we deliver the "Innovation That Digs Deeper" for continuous improvement and innovation in quality, performance and cost-effectiveness in hardware and software designs for underground coal mines.

By deploying independent, third party certification and surveillance of our manufacturing, testing and customer support systems to not only ISO 9001:2015, but also to the IEC 80079, ATEX Directive 94/9/EC and GB 80079 standards, and independent third party equipment testing and certification of all our products to the exacting MSHA, IECeX, ATEX, GB and SANS intrinsic safety and performance standards, your operation can be assured of Conspec's commitment to quality in delivering the most reliable execution in manufacturing, integration, customer service, support and training in all our solutions for underground coal mines.

As each operation brings unique challenges, our customers have come to rely upon our individualized approach to systems integration using a variety of reliable, independent, third party certified intrinsically safe sensing technologies for gas and atmospheric conditions (toxic and combustible gases, dust, smoke, dry and wet bulb temperatures, humidity, barometric
pressure and air flow). With Conspec's new Optio G and Optio IS line of atmospheric monitors, updated Primus IS line of Outstations/Area Controllers designed for delivery of intrinsically safe power and data communications, and updated Senturion SCADA for mining, our customers can continue to be assured of the most reliable mine-wide atmospheric monitoring systems. Our customers have come to recognize these cost effective solutions as the best protection of their personnel, property and profits.

Key Applications


  • The more commonly used mining methods in coal mining, Longwall/Room & Pillar mining present unique gas related safety issues for miners and equipment
  • This form of mining often generates a high volume of coal dust, which can easily ignite under certain conditions
  • Conspec's Optio Series Monitors are designed to accurately measure ultra low concentrations of Carbon Monoxide (less than 50PPM). This enables the mine to use the Conspec System as a fire prevention tool, being able to detect Carbon Monoxide emissions from smoldering coal before there is a full-fledged fire
  • High pressure Methane pockets are also a major safety concern with coal mines
  • Conspec's full SCADA system prevents Methane explosions by detecting low volumes of Methane, triggering alarms, and shutting down non intrinsically safe power


  • Coal operations generally transport the coal out of the mine using intricate highspeed belt systems
  • Due to the nature and design of the belts, the friction between the belts and rollers can generate enough heat to become an ignition source for coal and coal dust
  • Conspec's Optio Series Monitors can be placed along these belts to detect minimal Carbon Monoxide emissions and shut the belts down
  • The Optio Series Monitors also have multiple I/O inputs that would allow the end users to connect safety pull cords, belt slip switches, etc. into the monitors to automate the belt shutdown procedure to include multiple variables, and not just Carbon Monoxide readings


  • Most, if not all underground coal mines around the world have restricted areas where only certified products can be
    used due to the high safety standards required for those areas
  • Conspec's Optio Series Monitors have undergone the necessary approvals to ensure they will meet all the mine's safety standards and requirements
  • The Optio Series Monitor has been approved by third party approval agencies such as MSHA, IECEx/ATEX (pending), GB for coal and use in classified areas around the world
  • For more information on MSHA approved systems, visit our US website


  • Underground mines generally have large battery charging bays that emit high levels of Hydrogen off-gas
  • Not only is the Hydrogen gas a major safety concern, it can also create cross sensitivity issues with Carbon Monoxide detectors creating false alarms
  • These alarms result in mine shutdowns, and major downtime
  • Conspec's Optio Series monitors have been developed to provide a "corrected" Carbon Monoxide reading despite the amount of Hydrogen in the air, thus resulting in less downtime and increased productivity


  • Most of the equipment in underground coal mines run on Diesel gas and emit high volumes of Diesel Emissions (Carbon Monoxide, Nitrogen Dioxide and Nitric Oxide)
  • Not only are these a health and safety concern for miners, Nitrogen Dioxide and Nitric Oxide generate cross sensitivity issues with Carbon Monoxide readings and create false alarms for the fire prevention system
  • Conspec's Optio Diesel Emissions Station and Diesel Discriminator monitors have been designed to accurately detect Nitric Oxide and Nitrogen Dioxide emissions, while also providing an accurate Carbon Monoxide reading
  • This reduces false alarms and downtime, while increasing productivity and the health/safety of the miners

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