Coal Preparation Plants

It takes every enhancement to maximize the profits in the coal you supply your customers. For over 45 years, Conspec Controls has been providing process control and remote monitoring solutions specifically designed to address the needs of the coal mining, processing and coal resource recovery industries.

To enable a coal preparation plant to capitalize on every potential savings and efficiency in its operations, Conspec will provide custom tailored solutions for early fire detection, conveyor, pump and fan monitoring, ventilation and fluid monitoring and control, energy management and emissions monitoring using a combination of local control and remote sensors, and plant wide supervisory control and data acquisition systems.

Early Fire Detection ? Early fire detection of smouldering coal is critical to the safety of a coal preparation plant. As in a coal mine or coal fired power plant, early fire detection in a coal preparation plant can be easily achieved through the inter-connection of strategically placed CO monitors tied into a central Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition System (SCADA) such as the Conspec Senturion Central Station.

Conveyor Monitoring ? To maximize the delivery of coal through the processing system of a preparation plant, it is essential to monitor every aspect of the conveyor system of an operation. Strategically placed remote sensors monitor belt alignment and tears, conveyor motor operating parameters, conveyor stop/emergency pullkey monitors, belt sequence and slip rollers ? all connected to a system of local controllers coordinated through operation wide supervisory control system, such as the Conspec Senturion SCADA software suite ? to ensure maximum efficiency in a conveyor system?s operation. Combined with belt spillage and chute blockage monitors, the system can be designed to ensure a preparation plant?s management team has all the information required to ensure properly planned maintenance cycles, and minimize downtime due to unscheduled emergencies.

Ventilation Management ? Every efficiency found in a coal preparation plant can easily add to an operation?s profit margin. While most operations operate ventilation systems constantly, real time atmospheric monitoring throughout an operation permits activation of ventilation systems on an as-required basis. Designed to be intrinsically safe and ensuring early activation of the system in the presence of elevated levels of Carbon Monoxide, Methane and Hydrogen Sulfide, as-required ventilation systems ensure your operation has the same safety that Conspec provides your company?s underground mining operation.

Fluid System Monitoring and Control ? To ensure the maximum efficiency of a coal preparation plant, it is essential to continuously monitor every aspect of the fluid delivery system. Conspec easily integrates that system into the plant wide Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition Center by interconnecting it with local controllers. This permits monitoring for flow, valve and pumps to provide a coal preparation plant with a comprehensive solution that ensures fluid delivery is efficiently synchronized with all other aspects of the operation to reduce costs and costly waste.

Emissions Monitoring ? As environmental regulations increase in most jurisdictions, it is essential to constantly monitor the emissions released into the atmosphere from a coal preparation operation. Using a Conspec designed sample draw system to cool a preparation plant?s emissions allows them to be adequately analysed by atmospheric monitors. This analysis provides a preparation plant manager with the critical early information to act on early indications of increasing dangerous emissions, allowing the manager to prevent emissions to ensure environmental compliance and avoid potentially costly fines.

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