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Intrinsically Safe Power Supplies, Trunk Extenders & Fiber Gateways

Conspec Intrinsically Safe Power Supplies, Trunk Extenders and Fiber Gateways are designed to provide an intrinsically safe power and communications backbone for your Conspec Devices to allow your atmospheric monitoring network to continue operating safely through even the most dangerous high gas events, providing you with critical gas monitoring when you need it the most.

CONSPEC RS485 ExtenderConspec Intrinsically Safe Power Supplies, Trunk Extenders and Fiber Gateways also increase the distance over which communications to Conspec field devices by reshaping the data signal and providing and boosting reliable intrinsically safe power while providing critical battery back-up to ensure your Conspec device network continues operating in the most mission critical applications even in the most dangerous environments.

And by communicating through Conspec copper and fiber network backbones using digital communications (either MODBUS RTU/TCP-IP or Conspec Accessor Protocols) to relay sensor and device data with a Mine Wide SCADA Systems such as the Conspec Senturion, this ensures that signal noise on your mining operation’s network backbone is significantly reduced and allows for the retrieval of other important operating parameters such as operating temperature and voltage for improved performance analysis, not normally available through traditional analog communications methods.   Conspec Multi-Function I/O Controllers are internationally certified (MSHA, IECeX, ATEX, MA) for use in high methane environments, such as a coal mining, dangerous tunneling operation or any mining plant with a high presence of methane.   P1684 Series Intrinsically Safe Trunk Extender (Coming Soon) P5000 Series Intrinsically Safe Trunk Extender (Coming Soon) T1266 Series Intrinsically Safe Power Supply (Coming Soon)

CONSPEC Remote Trunk Driver Unit closedCONSPEC Trunk Drivers Unit No P1587CONSPEC Environ & Fan Control Station OpenCONSPEC RS485 Extender